"Successful experiential-based therapy, education, and enhancement programs since 1992"


Ho`oma`a (to experience) is a four-month long after school program based on Marimed‟s successful experiential education and therapy model. The program offers tutoring, personal development, counseling, and family education activities. It promotes learning and personal growth, responsibility and accountability in a safe and nurturing environment.

Ho`oma`a combines structured and supervised time with intense mental and physical activities that make the program viable for teens that need more than a traditional educational setting to succeed.
Ho`o ma`a teens are picked up after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and are taken to the program site on Kāne`ohe Bay. They receive help with homework and credit advancement, and participate in fun and challenging activities-with-a-purpose. Weekend activities and longer “voyages” are also a part of the program.

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All experiential activities are modeled around Marimed’s core values of C.H.A.R.T

Community • Honesty • Aloha • Respect • Teamwork
ENROLLMENT Participants are males and females from O`ahu, ages 14-17, referred by the Judiciary or other appropriate agencies. They are identified as youth who can benefit from additional assistance to be successful in community settings. Participants may include law violators, status offenders, and/or court ordered youth.

A brief assessment is required prior to acceptance to the program. Participants set goals and are supported in their advancement towards these goals.

FAMILY INVOLVEMENT is crucial in the transformation of youth in the program. Families are included through weekly telephone contact, visits, and participation in on-site activities.

Additional support is provided to families through group discussions and educational forums. Family sessions help facilitate and emphasize the need for youth and parents to resolve underlying issues and conflicts. Families may also join in ship voyages and other activities.

EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITIES Program youth have many opportunities to participate in landand ocean-based outdoor experiential activities, which help develop life skills and promote self-esteem, self-confidence,teamwork, and relationship skills.

Activities include sailing voyages, camping, hiking, paddling,geocaching, fishing, and small boat sailing. Youth are actively involved with planning their activities. On every sailing voyage, youth participate in service learning projects. Projects include fishpond restoration, beach clean-ups, lo`i work, and more.


  • Work to interrupt unsuccessful patterns by empowering youth through challenges, structured curriculum, and new skills for future success.
  • Help youth develop their capacity for trust, communication, problem-solving, and taking responsibility for their own behaviors.
  • Promote teamwork through increased positive socialization, relationship-building, and coping skills.
  • Provide fun and exciting activities that promote personal growth, self-discovery, and increased confidence.
  • Build positive attitudes towards school, parents, adults, peers, and authority figures.
  • Promote a stewardship of the “aina” and Hawai`i’s connection to the ocean.

For more information, please contact 808.306.5810 or email Melissa.Hebert@Marimed.org Marimed